At Carney Financial Group, we entirely believe in the power of individual choice. After all, it was that same power that founded our firm! 

Carney Financial Group exists because we wanted to offer you an alternative to the traditional Wall Street options available to investors. Today, there are more choices available to more investors than ever before. But there are flaws inherent in this system, such as big-name firms that only sell their own big-name products and proprietary research that is influenced by these firms' business growth goals. In other words, your investment choices are often limited choices, and there may be hidden agendas.

These firms have their own self-interest at heart. We think someone should have yours.

Here's what we believe is the right way to do business:

  • Care for our clients in the way we'd want for ourselves. We founded Carney Financial Group to be the kind of place where we'd want to be clients. We'd want to be respected, informed, and heard. We don't expect our clients to demand any less. 
  • Know our clients and their goals. We understand that investing is more than just a numbers game. There's emotion involved as well. People assign different values to money and approach investing for many reasons. The so-called best investments aren't necessarily the best for everyone. When we first get to know each other, we'll ask you a lot of questions so that we can learn about you as a person, and we'll tailor your investments accordingly. We want to be just as excited about your dreams as you are. 
  • Treat clients like people, not like portfolio balances. One thing you'll notice about our firm is that we're friendly. Down to earth. Good listeners. Having been in the business a long time, we've encountered a mix of attitudes—and a whole lot of market cycles (both good and bad!). We've got a lot of experience that can help keep you on an even keel through the ups and downs. 
  • Empower clients to feel confident about their decisions. You don't have to know the difference between a REIT and a UIT when you come to see us. We're happy to explain it to you if you're curious. If you're not, that's okay, too. Some clients want to take more of a hands-on role in the investment process; others want nothing to do with it. Either way, our goal is to make sure you sleep easily at night, secure in the knowledge that your money is working effectively for you.